Jake and Anna, from start to finish

Just one photo. Is that really all I get to pick for week 14 of 52 Ancestors?

Too bad. I’m picking two! Each photo is of my great-great grandparents, Jake and Anna Mueller. 

Jacob Mueller was born in 1870 in St. Clair County, Illinois to Jacob and Dorothea Mueller. Anna was born three years later in Jackson County, Illinois to Jacob and Anna Margaret Neumann. 

I chuckled when I realized Anna’s parents were also Jacob and Anna! 

This is Jake and Anna’s wedding photo. They were married in Ava, Illinois on October 29, 1895. I love this photo because it’s the only actual wedding photo I have of anyone in my family. 

jake and anna Mueller wedding


Jake and Anna were married 63 years … until their deaths in 1958. This photo is from their 60th wedding anniversary. 

Jake and Anna Mueller

Through these photos, I have a beginning and end of a life shared by Jake and Anna Mueller  … with the middle filled up of stories told by their granddaughter – my grandmother.  I consider that something pretty special.  

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