A Thrifty Christmas Tree

When JD’s Grandma Davis passed away, we inherited several items from her home. One of these was a Christmas tree that she has always placed on top of an end table during the holidays.

1960s Christmas Tree

With the tree came its original box! The tree dates to the 1960s and is from the American Tree and Wreath Company from Lexington, Kentucky. Gram purchased it for $5.83 … the price is written on the front of the box. I love that the tree has a 5-year warranty, too … I think we’re well past that!


Noodle is a Frozen enthusiast, so we picked up a bunch of new blue and silver ornaments at our favorite resale shop in Cobden, Illinois. Everything on this tree came from that shop. For lest than $10, I was able to decorate Gram’s tree! I did buy Noodle an Elsa ornament for her birthday … we’ll put that on our tree in a few days. 

Blue Frozen Christmas tree

These are shatter proof ornaments … with dogs and kid, it’s just a lot safer not to hang glass within reach of paws or hands. Some are covered with glitter, others are metallic. 

Blue Frozen Christmas tree


It’s a simple tree, but kid friendly – and kid approved!

Blue Frozen Christmas tree

I bought this white-washed angel tree topper, but it wouldn’t stay on … so I just put it on the frame next to the tree! It works for me!

White angel

We love our little Frozen blue and silver thrifty tree, and it didn’t cost us much to put it together!




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