Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

Christmas morning is a madhouse ... it certainly was when I was a kid and it still is now that I have a kid ... and dogs! The last thing a mom wants to deal with is breakfast. Okay, at least this mom. Try this easy Christmas tree made from ...

Vegetable Beef Soup

Waste not, want not. I learned this lesson well! Every time I make Italian beef, I use the leftover broth to make vegetable beef soup. It's a great way to add rich flavor to this classic soup ... and not waste savory broth.  When I ...

Banana Cake with Buttery Almonds

My grandma's 1963 Good Housekeeping Cookbook is my cooking bible ... it has been since I received it as a wedding present. I have adapted my favorite banana bread recipe into a moist banana cake. Nearly every woman in my family has received a ...
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I’m a Midwestern “meat and potatoes” kind of girl. I love food, I consider family my first priority, and I’m a sucker for American heritage. All of those loves have been mixed into this site with a large splash of genealogy to top it off. Welcome to my Midwestern life!

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