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Chili’s Favorite Hot Chili

  Chili has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember. Every September, as soon as the temperature hit the mid 60s, my dad would whip up a big batch. We'd eat chili all autumn and winter long. We'd feed it to the Pumpkin Patrol and our town's police officers on Halloween Trick-or-Treat night ... always made in the very large fish fryer in the driveway! We went through a lot of chili ... chili pie ... chili mac ... chili and corn bread.  When I fix chili, I ...

Chili’s Hot Chili

This is a simple chili recipe that will feed a crowd, or family with some leftover!

Happy Halloween Party!

Or, rather ... Happy HOWLoween party! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday ... I get it honestly. My Daddy always loved Halloween and loved seeing all the neighborhood kiddos all dressed up in their costumes. Of course Trick-or-Treating was awesome, but when I outgrew that, Daddy started cooking chili in the driveway so all my friends and the neighborhood Pumpkin Patrol (safety crew) could stop by and grab some dinner. He'd breakout the fish fryer and hook up the gas tank from the grill ...