Snow Day!

Even as an adult I get excited on snow days … and still let off a little squeal on the inside when I get the word that Noodle’s school is closed.  Then, when the university I work at closes (which is rare), it’s a double fun day.  Noodle let of a loud squeal this morning when she looked out the window and saw snow falling … a very loud squeal at 6:30 this morning.  I suspect it awoke a few ancestors!

We were hit with a nasty ice storm yesterday and, so far, have around 10 inches of snow on the ground and it’s not stopping anytime soon.  Dogs and kid were both knee-deep this morning when we went out to play.  

snow day

Noodle playing in the snow.

Noodle and Milla chased each other all over the yard.  It didn’t take long for Milla to turn white from the snow, either!

Milla Jo

Snow days always cause me to get the camera out and take some wonderful candid shots of kid and dog … and snowball fights when MPG gets involved.  Here’s a few others I took.

Now that everyone is warm an cozy again … Milla and Noodle are on the couch watching Tinker Bell movies … I think I’ll go bake some muffins!



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