Setting Genealogy Goals

31 Days to better GenealogyI recently discovered the 31 Days to Better Genealogy challenge from Amy Johnson Crow and decided I need some motivation to get moving with my research again. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing my own progress with this challenge. It will take me longer than 31 days – but you will hear from me a few times a week. Tag along, help me out, and have some fun!

Day 1

Day one of this challenge reminded me of a fundamental tenant of research: ask a question, set a goal.

Genealogy is a hobby for me and it becomes easy to get lost in the constant search for new information. It is also easy to forget that asking a specific question is the best way to find what you are looking for. Every question you have will be answered with different resources and in different ways.

My questions about JD Douglas

My Douglas ancestors, specifically my 3rd great grandparents, are difficult creature. While I have many questions surrounding this family, I am asking the most basic questions to start.

  1. What is JD Douglasses first name?
  2. What is his wife’s given name?

Okay, okay … that’s two questions. I’m hoping I can answer both of them by searching the same types of historical documents. I have some clues already, and have written about this family a few times. I need to further investigate what information I do have and seek out new information. 

I’m also hopeful that answering these questions will allow me to trace my Douglas ancestors back to the first who arrived in America, and hopefully into Scotland.

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