Product Review: Dash Egg Cooker

My mom bought me this cute little egg cooker for Christmas … it’s made by Dash. I wanted to use it for awhile before writing a review and, come to find out, they’ve release a new one! Oh, well. Amazon has the new Dash DEC005BU BLUE 6 Egg Rapid Cooker w/ Poaching Tray & Measuring Cup for $19.99 plus shipping and they’re just too cute!


From what I’ve read of the new one, mine isn’t much different.  I love that I can cook 7 hard boiled eggs without worrying about water on the stove, hot water moving from stove to sink, etc.  This little tool lets me place eggs in the egg tray, pour a little water in the hear reservoir, put the lid on, press the power button and walk away.  Then 10-12 minutes later, I have perfectly hard boiled eggs! 

Dash Egg Cooker

The amount of water you pour into the cooker lets you determine how hard or soft your boiled eggs are … and you get a mini measuring cup just for that purpose. I do place my eggs in cold water before peeling, just like I do when boiling eggs on the stove.  It causes the cooking process to stop, allows the egg to rest, and makes the peeling process SO much easier … no shells stuck to the egg.  

I’ve also poached eggs with mine.  I guess it’s not a true poach, but I’ll take it.  I can poach three eggs at once, which is perfect for my family.


I use this when I’ve run out of stove space while fixing breakfast, or when I want poached eggs for Eggs Benedict or English muffin sandwiches.  

Dash Egg Cooker

It’s so simple.  Again, the amount of water used determines how hard or soft the yolks are after cooking. Dash provides a measuring cup with instructions for best results.  The poaching tray is non stick and I’ve cleaned it in my dishwasher with no issues.  I do, however, spay the tray with cooking spray, which I’ve found makes the eggs come out even easier. 

Honestly, I thought my mom had gone crazy buying these … she has one, too … and she even said that to me when I opened it on Christmas morning.  I loved it after one use … especially on those hectic early mornings when we’re trying to get ready for work and school.  You can literally pop eggs in this little gadget, turn it on and wait for the loud alarm to go off … voilá, eggs!





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    Debbie February 4, 2014 (9:07 pm)

    They are perfect!

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