Pumpkin Picking

September in Southern Illinois can be hot or cold … or both on the same day! Autumn approaches, regardless, and pumpkins and apples are ripe for the picking. Noodle, Grandma Debbie, and I went pumpkin picking today. We mostly picked from the piles of already picked pumpkins … but I’m okay with that! 

These are pretty pink pumpkins in honor of breast cancer awareness. They actually start out blue, then turn pink. These will continue to “pinken” as they sit. 

Pink Pumpkins

This is a pumpkin flower … the flowers only bloom for one day! Then they’re on the way to turning into pumpkins.

Pumpkin FLower

Grandma Debbie loves gourds … I’ve never cared for them. They make pretty decorations, though! 


We went to St. Mary’s U-Pick Pumpkin Patch in Anna, Illinois. They have more than just pumpkins. Noodle loves getting her picture taken … but it took seven tries to get this one!

St. Mary's Pumpkins

They also sell Indian Corn … 

Indian Corn

… and dried corn stalks. 

Dried Corn

We’re pretty blessed to live in a rural area where there is wide open space like this!


Pumpkin Patch

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