Potato Leek Soup

I grew up on potato leek soup; a traditional Scottish dish.  My family recipe has been passed down from traditional Scottish grandmas … and grandpas … for at least 4 generations that I know of.  I had “create” this recipe, because it’s one of those meals I just make … no book, no recipe card, nada.  So, I compared it to my 1943 Scottish cookbook, and chuckled when I realized that, while my method is  different, I was only 1 ingredient off! Yes … I added that one ingredient (mace) to suit the dish. Enjoy the recipe card at the end of the post!

Chopping and Dicing

Leeks belong to the same family as onions and garlic.  They actually look like a huge green onion, but they have a much milder flavor than onions. 


To begin, cut the root end off , then wash the leek.

Potato Leek Soup

I usually slice my leeks down the middle before beginning to chop them.  You can peel back the dark green layers as you chop, but you’ll probably want to rinse the leek after doing so, as dirt usually embed between the layers.

Potato Leek Soup

To dice a potato, first peel it, then slice it in half lengthwise. Then, slice each half in half again. Most potatoes can easily be quartered and still produce a “bite-sized dice”.

DSCN0902Slice each quarter into quarters.  This will resemble large french fries.

Potato Leek Soup

Slice across the potato to produce small chunks.



Potato Leek Soup
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  1. 3 slices of bacon, chopped
  2. 1 leek, chopped
  3. 4 cups diced potatoes
  4. salt and pepper to taste
  5. a dash of Mace
  6. 1 quart chicken stock
  7. 1 pint milk
  8. 1/2 cup white wine
  9. 1 T corn starch
  1. Fry bacon in last soup pot or dutch oven. Add leek and potatoes, and allow to brown slightly while stirring in salt, pepper, and Mace. Add chicken stock and bring to a rolling simmer to let potatoes cook through. Add milk. To thicken the soup, create a “slurry” with the wine and cornstarch. Pour the mixture into the simmering soup, bring to a boil to allow the starch to thicken to your likeness. You may repeat the slurry with water, milk, or stock (or more wine!) to thicken more. Serve in large bowl, topped with leaks. Warm crusty bread accompanies this beautifully!
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