Peppercorn Venison Tenderloin

By some grace of a higher power, I was able to catch The Pioneer Woman while the show was actually airing on the Food Network over the weekend … I usually have to catch the DVR version because cartoons and football take precedence in my house!

The episode title was Old Friends, New Friends and Ree makes a  whole lot of beef tenderloin for a 17 person dinner she hosts.  Now, I’m one of those who sits in front of cooking shows with iPad in hand  and pins the yummy recipes to Pinterest just as soon as I can … and that’s exactly what I did with Ree’s Peppercorn Roasted Beef Tenderloin. It looked amazing on the show and I knew I could make it work on a venison tenderloin.

Peppercorn Venison Tenderloin

And that’s exactly what I did.  I followed Ree’s recipe to the tee and it turned out amazing.  I did cook my venison to an internal temp of 130 degrees and I let it rest uncovered for about 10 minutes prior to slicing.  Venison is best served medium-rare … anything much more done than that will produce a dry hunk of meat that tastes like cardboard!

Deer season is this weekend where I’m at, so I don’t have much longer to empty the freezer … so I can restock in December!



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