How do you spell that?

52ancestors-2015I love that Amy Johnson Crow has given us themes for the 2015 52 Ancestors challenge! This week (week 15) is “How do you spell that?”. 


I have a lot of short, easy surnames in my family tree – Moore, Davis, Douglas, Lindsey, Jones. I also have a few like Lemaitre that have a couple variations. However, the one that has given me the biggest headache over the years is Voirol.

I’ve written about my 3rd great grandmother, Veronique Voirol, in a few different posts, but have never shared all of the variations of her name that I have found. 

Veronique (AKA Veronica) was born in Switzerland in 1829 and traveled to America prior to 1852 when she married Joseph Lemaitre. Granted, both surnames could be spelled many different ways, especially if you are writing what you hear … while taking a census ­čÖé 

Here are a few:

  • Voraol
  • Verol
  • Verrault and Verraul
  • Virrol and Virol
  • Veiral
  • Voisal
Veronica Voirol and Joseph LeMaitre Marriage

Joseph and Veronique’s marriage record, with Voirol spelled Voraol

Nine variations of Voirol makes finding information on Veronique quite challenging! 

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