Happy Thanksgiving!

It might seem odd that I’ve been married almost 12 years and never, until today, hosted a family Thanksgiving. It’s pretty simple, my Mom had the monopoly on that and wasn’t giving it up … nope, never. At least not until she had the chance to do a kitchen remodel.  

Fried turkey, Thanksgiving

I’ve hosted plenty of parties and dinners … and even Christmas dinner since Noodle was born. There’s just something about preparing the biggest meal of the year that adds a little bit more pressure.  I think if I’d tried this 12 years ago, I would have failed miserably! The day is done and leftovers are put away … we even survived a few games of Clue with Noodle … and we only drank one bottle of wine!  

My family has a lot to be thankful for … each other, for one. We’re blessed. Even in the hustle of the day, I took some time to reflect on the things that are important to me.  Of course, the obvious make the tops of the list … family and friends, a roof over my head and food on the table.

During the holiday season, I am especially thankful for traditions that have been handed down through my family. Even thought they change and are added to, traditions connect us to our roots … they remind us of those who came before us. Whether it’s making cornbread in the same Fire King dish your great grandmother did, or using the same holiday china year after year, traditions help set the stage for our lives.

Noodle and I have our own tradition … at the end of the day (for any occasion), she crawls on my lap and we have a picture taken. I have lots of these, some good, some blurry, some with way-off color, but I don’t care. It’s me and Noodle, and it’s our moment. Someday, she’ll be too big to crawl on my lap, but I hope this tradition never stops.thanksgiving 2013



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