Coffee Recipes from 1915

This group of interesting coffee recipes was published in the November 15, 1915 edition of the Daily Public Ledger in Maysville, Kentucky. We think of coffee as being that hot or iced drink that gives us the necessary kick in the morning to get moving … or, maybe that kick to get through the mid-afternoon slump. Some might use instant coffee is cakes or cookies, but these recipes provide a far wider use of the caffeinated cup of Joe.

The coffee recipes include coffee jelly, coffee mousse, coffee icing, coffee cake, coffee pudding, and coffee creams.   

Coffee Recipes from 1915

Coffee Jelly is popular in Japan, and I’ve had it in milky drinks throughout Taiwan. I’m staring to see it in the US as an ingredient in those same tee and milk drinks … but it’s still rather rare. If you’re interested in trying this, Japanese Cooking 101 has an easy Coffee Jelly Recipe to use. 

Coffee Recipes from 1915

The coffee cake in the list isn’t the coffee cake we’re used to. This is literally a cake made with coffee :-), and the coffee creams sound similar to coffee flavored divinity. 

All of these seem odd and a little out of character for 1915 Kentucky … I can’t imaging my great grandparents sitting down to a bowl full of coffee jelly!

It’s your turn … what’s your favorite way to use coffee in your cooking? 

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