5 Kitchen Gadgets that Will Make Cooking Easier

My friends ask me all the time what my favorite kitchen gadgets are. Gadgets have to really make sense and make my life easier for me to buy them. Sometimes, it’s easier to just pick up a good knife and do things the old fashioned way! However, I’ve found these 5 kitchen gadgets and tools to be pretty indispensable.

I’ve placed affiliate links on all of these products in case you decide you need one, too. 


1) Ground Beef Chopper

I saw someone use this ground beef chopper on a cooking show and went searching for one. Breaking up hunks of ground beef, sausage, and venison has been one of my “battles” over the years. My hands wear out long before the meat is in small enough chunks for whatever I use it in. This … this has changed that. It’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets right now, and it gets a lot of use!   


2) Rachel Ray Cucina Tools

I’ll give Rachel Ray a little plug here. I absolutely love these Cucina tools. I also have the slotted spoon. These make life a little easier because I can rest the spoon/spatula right on the pot or pan and not have to lay it down and fumble for it later. These hold up really well to the heat without getting hot themselves, and are dishwasher safe.   


3) Lekue Steam Case

This is another kitchen gadget I saw demonstrated on a cooking show and decided I needed to give it a try. Oh my, what a fabulous item. I have the 1-2 person steamer and the larger 3-4 person steamer. The smaller one is great for cooking fresh vegetables quickly in the microwave – which is what I use it mostly for. The larger one will hold an entire meal for one person or larger quantities of a single item for a family. These mimic the parchment paper pockets that are popular for baking fish.  These come with a little recipe booklet, too, to get you started.     


4) Upright Spoon Holder

I bought one of these upright spoon holders many years ago to replace my traditional spoon rest. I was looking for something that would still hold my cooking utensils without taking up a lot of space. This is a simple, sleek design and can be tossed in the dishwasher when it gets too grubby.  I’ll never go back to my old spoon rest!  


5) YouCopia Chef’s Edition SpiceStack – Spice Drawer 

Before finding this spice drawer from YouCopia, my spice cupboard looked like a tornado hit it. It was unorganized, which made finding things a little difficult. Even when it was organized, I have so many spices that getting to them or unearthing one was still difficult. I searched, once again, for a doable solution and found these spice racks. One tip … these don’t hold the large spice jars, so you may need to rotate your inventory to get everything to fit. Even with that, I’ve found this to be a much needed solution to an organization problem I’ve had for years … even after trying various other spice holders. Oh … and I love the YouCopia name … yep, I’m coping with my spice cupboard!    


Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite kitchen gadgets are. I might need to pick up a few news ones!

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