4 Mouthwatering Food Blogs I Read Every Week

Food and history are my passions … and I love reading food blogs from around the world. The following four blogs are ones I go to over and over. Each, in some way, reflects my interest in my own heritage and the foods that have impacted it and inspired me to keep learning.

Food Blog #1
Farmersgirl Kitchen

Food Blogs

From Farmersgirl Kitchen

Ranked number 94 in the Top 100 UK Food Blogs, Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen is focused on real food, but simple food that fits a busy life.  I love reading this blog because it gives me a little peek at my Scottish roots … and let’s me daydream about living a slow food kind of life in Scotland (Thanks, Janice!). I’ve learned a lot, too, about different types of food eaten in the UK and often the history behind them … like this week’s post about Bakewell Pudding. I love the Slow Cooked Challenge Janice does each month, too. I’ve only managed to participate in one, but it’s a great way to find new slow cooker recipes to try out. Every busy mom needs that!


Food Blog #2
Heritage Foods USA

Food Blogs

From Heritage Foods USA

Heritage Foods USA is actually an online butcher that supports family farms raising livestock using traditional farming methods. I enjoy reading their blog and recipes because they include less common meat like goose, duck, goat, and lamb along with beef, turkey and chicken. I loved How to Cook a Heritage Goose from this past February and, as soon as I can get my hands on a goose, I’m making it! If you’re not sure about a cooked goose, you will like their Burger Tips. This is a great blog for both entertainment, education, and inspiration. If you’re looking for a fun and different Father’s Day gift, you might try their sausage subscription … 3 months worth of sausage from different producers. Don’t tell JD, but we might be seeing this over the summer!


Food Blog #3 
Scotsman Food and Drink

Food Blogs

From Scotsman Food and Drink

Scotsman Food and Drink is probably more of an online magazine than a traditional blog, but when you give me 6 Great Scottish Recipes Using Whisky, I’m not turning away! This site is a combination of recipes, food news, restaurants, reviews, and all things foodie (and whisky and beer) in Scotland. Yeah … I’m slightly hooked. I keep planning my vacation … many vacations! 


Food Blog #4
101 Cookbooks

Food Blogs

While I love Heidi Swanson’s focus on natural foods, I really love reading 101 Cookbooks because of all the cookbooks she highlights and finds inspirations in! There really is something here for everyone. If you’re addicted to cookbooks like I am, this is also a great resource to find new ones to try. A cookbook author herself, Heidi has traveled the world to create her recent book, Near and Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. I love the premise behind this cookbook, and have enjoyed … and appreciate … how Heidi has incorporated so much of herself into the writing.  This is a great blog for foodies, but Heidi is a great inspiration for food bloggers who spire to more than just blog at night after a long day at work. 


What else should I be reading each week? What is your favorite food blog? If you write one, let me know that, too! 


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